Why indulge?

It’s quite unrealistic to tell anyone to eat healthy, healthy, healthy 110% of the time. In our practice, we find that dietitians agree that by eating healthy overall 80-90% of the time that having a small corner of our eating open to indulgences is appropriate.

For instance, have you ever dieted and removed every last one of your favourite unhealthy foods from it? Have you ever told yourself you will never eat chocolate, cookies, cakes, etc. ever again? Have you ever turned down birthday cake at social functions because you were “dieting,” even though you were dying for even a mouthful?

And then what? The diet ends when your willpower goes out the window and you’ve found yourself face first in not only an entire pie….but a pint of ice cream, litre of cola, and a box of Girl Guide cookies.

See where we’re going?

We as a culture have made “diet” and “dieting” negative terms when really, theses words describe how we eat day in, day out. So basically, everyone in the world is “dieting” because we are eating food. Period.

It’s OK to be normal. Like a house, build your foundation strong (i.e. healthy diet) and have fun decorating it once in awhile (i.e. some of the recipes below).  The recipes here are yes, sweet; however, they make use of healthy ingredients so you can “indulge”, but still be nice to your heart, waistline, and, more importantly, your mind.

Cheaper-Than-The-Ice-Cream-Truck’s Frozen Yogurt

Chocolate Avocado Pie

Chocolate Chia Pudding

Chocolate Navy Cookies

Frozen Cookie Dough


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