Butternut Squash Dahl


The World Health Organization have found that a diet low in meat products and rich in fruits and vegetables can help to lower cholesterol and reduce risk of chronic disease like heart disease and diabetes. A great way to increase your plant protein intake is to go meatless on Mondays. We make it easy for you with our delicious and easy recipes. There is even an entire website dedicated to reasons for why to go meatless one day a week.

One of our favourite meat free Monday dishes is the Butternut Squash Dahl recipe from the Milk Calendar. This creamy dish is perfect for a cold fall day.


1 cup red lentils

1.5 cups low sodium vegetable or chicken broth

1 tbsp coconut oil

½ chopped onion (feel free to use more)

1 chopped chilli pepper

1-2 cloves garlic

2Tbsp grated fresh ginger

2Tbsp curry powder

1 tsp turmeric

½ tsp ground ginger

3 cups chopped and peeled butternut squash

1 ½ cups coconut milk (you can also use milk or soy milk)

¼ cup chopped cilantro or green onions


  1. Rinse and clean the lentils
  2. Soak in the broth and set aside
  3. Heat a large pot and melt the coconut oil
  4. Sautee onions until soft then add the chilli pepper, garlic and ginger, sautee for 2 minutes
  5. Add the curry powder, turmeric, ground ginger and sautee for 1 minute
  6. Add the lentils in broth along with the butternut squash, salt and pepper and milk cover and simmer partially covered for 25 minutes until squash and lentils are soft, take off heat and mash with a potato masher
  7. Serve over cooked brown basmati rice, top with plain Greek yogurt and chopped cilantro or green onions



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