Bored of Greek yogurt? Try cottage cheese!


Greek yogurt is fabulous. We know that. It’s thick and versatile, but what about its chunky, equally awesome alternative that is low-sodium cottage cheese? If you can get over its texture, you can depend on it as a high protein come meal or snack time. What’s best? It’s such a low fat cheese that you can eat it everyday (unlike full-fat cheese)!

Greek yogurt.

It’s probably in both Dr. Oz and Oprah’s fridges. Likely even Miley Cyrus’. Due to its versatility as a base ingredient in anything from fruit and yogurt parfaits to a mayonnaise sub in egg salad sandwiches, Greek yogurt has taken over the dairy aisle. Greek yogurt is made by straining yogurt as we know it as to remove the liquid whey. This condenses yogurt to give it more protein per spoonful (up to 3-times more protein!). Just like fibre, protein is a powerful tool for helping someone with weight loss, as protein keeps us feeling full. The only issue I have is the price: roughly $3.50 to $5 for only 2 cups!

However, this post is not about Greek yogurt it’s about cottage cheese. Or, as I refer to it, the forgotten sister.

How do you gain more protein, for less volume, and for a cheaper price (~$3 per 2 cups)? Oh hey, cottage cheese!

So let’s compare: 

 Product   Portion   Protein   Calories   Sodium   Sugars 
 Lucerne 2% no salt   addedcottage cheese   ½ cup   19 grams   110 kcal   30 mg   4 grams 
 Dairyland 2% cottage cheese   ½ cup   14 grams   100 kcal   420 mg   5 grams 
 Liberte plain 2% Greek yogurt   ½ cup   11 grams   87 kcal   47 grams   3 grams 
 Liberte vanilla 2% Greek yogurt   ½ cup   9 grams   113 kcal   37 grams   13 grams 


One thing I will say in Greek yogurt’s defense is its content of probiotics, or live bacteria that keep our guts healthy. Gut bacteria is a hot topic in the nutrition field, as many conditions (like arthritis?) may be linked to the health of our guts, and the bugs that live there! On Liberte’s FAQ page, they state that all of their products contain probiotics; however, when it comes to cottage cheese, you may be out of luck. When in doubt, check the label for added probiotics. So trading up cottage cheese for Greek yogurt as to increase dietary variety is completely fine.

So where can I include cottage cheese in my day?

  • Breakfast: stir into berries and cereal; as an oatmeal topper; replace yogurt inSuper Soaked Oats; as the liquid in your pancakes; stir into scrambled eggs; add to a smoothie.
  • Lunch/Dinner: substitute for beef in lasagna; reheat pasta and tomato sauce, stir in cottage cheese; salad dressing, cottage cheese, and chopped vegetables

(See more recipes below).

Regardless of which you choose, opt for plain and low-fat (0-2% milk fat). And if you pick the cottage cheese, choose low-to-no salt.

Huffington Post: 10 easy ways to sneak Greek yogurt into your diet

EatingWell Post: Healthy cottage cheese recipes

Last updated on July 2, 2014


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